Driving Policy Change Through Global Expertise and Local Realities

We are a team of international consultants working with governments, companies, and development organisations to influence policy change, strengthen institutions, and manage business portfolios.

We believe that policy counts when stakeholders' voices, views, and interests are counted. We will work with you to achieve this by offering world-class strategies and tools informed by local realities.

We have the capability and experience to help you link upstream with high-level policymakers and industry actors and downstream with citizen groups.

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Diverse Partnerships, Global Impact!


We partner with NGOs to amplify their impact. Our customized consultancy solutions empower NGOs to drive positive change effectively and sustainably.”


Development Partners

We collaborate closely with development partners, offering strategic expertise to enhance their efforts and drive progress on a global scale.



Our consultancy solutions are tailored to enhance the reach and effectiveness of foundations, driving impactful outcomes in the communities they serve.


Private Companies

Our consultancy services provide strategic insights and solutions that drive sustainable growth and positive contributions to both business and society.

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Our Expertise

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and our team excels in delivering impactful solutions. Our areas of expertise include:
  • Renewable Energy Policies:
    Shaping the future of sustainable energy through effective policy implementation.
  • Environmental Conservation and Climate Change:
    Mitigating environmental challenges and addressing the pressing issue of climate change.
  • Circular Economy:
    Pioneering strategies that promote resource efficiency and minimize waste.
  • Agriculture and Climate Financing:
    Navigating the intersection of agriculture, climate, and finance for a more sustainable future.
  • Gender and Inclusion:
    Promoting gender equality and social inclusion in every facet of development.
  • Sexual Reproductive Health:
    Advocating for comprehensive sexual reproductive health rights and education.
How We Work


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