Our Services

Empowering Progress

We provide impactful solutions that drive positive change, foster growth, and amplify impact.

About Us

We are a team of international consultants working with governments, companies, and development organizations to influence policy change, strengthen institutions, and manage business portfolios.

Our Expertise

Multitrack excels in Sustainability and Development. Our seasoned professionals navigate the complexities of these areas, crafting innovative solutions that shape policies, and create lasting impact.


Our signature SMART Advocacy methodology sets us apart as the go-to providers for advocacy excellence. We collaborate with clients to define advocacy goals, craft influencing strategies through rigorous analysis, and provide top-tier advocacy training. With a track record of supporting over 500 NGOs, businesses, and associations across Africa, our services include:

  • Advocacy Strategy Development
  • SMART Advocacy Training & Mentoring
  • Crafting Policy Position Papers
  • Writing Press Releases and Media Advisories
  • Facilitating High-Level Multi-Stakeholder Engagement
  • Developing Advocacy Toolkits
  • Expert Report Writing

Impact Measurement and Management

We believe in results. Working closely with clients, we set ambitious goals, devise strategies, select relevant metrics, and manage impact performance. Our suite of services comprises:

  • Facilitating Operational Planning
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


Strategy Consulting Services:

Strategic thinking is our forte. Elevate your organization with our expertise in:

  • Policy Influencing Strategies
  • Trade and Investment Strategy
  • Facilitating Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
  • Conference Management

Training & Capacity-Building:

We empower individuals and organizations through knowledge sharing. Our training programs cover:

  • SMART Advocacy
  • ESG Compliance
  • Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Audit

Resource Mobilization:

We understand the art of engaging donors and private sectors to fuel your initiatives. Our offerings include:

  • Donor Engagement
  • Private Sector Engagement
  • Expert Proposal Writing

Specialized Consulting:

Unlock the potential of your organization with our specialized consulting services, covering areas such as:

  • Recruitment Management
  • Agriculture Financing Mechanisms
  • Trade and Investment Consulting

Legal Drafting Services

Multitrack offers expert legal drafting services tailored to your needs. Our seasoned legal professionals create precise documents, from contracts to policies, across sectors. With attention to detail and timely delivery, we ensure your legal foundations are solid, allowing you to navigate complexities with confidence. Our strengths include:

  • Expertise Across Industries:
    Our legal team’s diverse experience ensures documents that align with sector-specific nuances.
  • Custom Solutions:
    We collaborate closely to understand your goals, tailoring documents to your vision.
  • Clear Communication:
    We simplify legal jargon, keeping you informed and in control.