About Us

Empowering Progress

We are your one-stop for global tools and methodologies in policy and business regulatory landscape assessments.

Our Expertise

SMART Advocacy

With our proficiency in internationally acclaimed advocacy tools and approaches, including SMART Advocacy, we are Africa’s premier choice for Advocacy strategy development, developing policy briefs, policy position papers, advocacy messages and communication tools, and conducting policy landscape analysis and stakeholder mapping.

Advocacy Capacity Building

Our policy engagement and advocacy track record showcases proven
Advocacy Capacity Building benefiting over 1000 local and International Non-Governmental Organisations, Civil Society organizations, Business Management Organisations ,and Industry Associations across Africa.

Our diverse portfolio of Advocacy strategy and policy influencing advisory services cut across Renewable Energy, Climate Change, the Circular Economy, Natural Resource Management, Public Finance Management, Tax policies, Aid Effectiveness, international trade, and health policy, funding and



Research is our Fuel! Over 10 years, we have delivered multi-country research studies on Aid Effectiveness, Tax policies, gender equality, access to essential medicines, and Sustainable Waste Management and Green Financing Solutions.

Master Facilitation

With our team of experts certified in global Master Facilitation, we have
conceptualized, managed and facilitated technical workshops and meetings, multi-stakeholder engagement, policy dialogues, and conferences, including on renewable energy solutions, Sustainability, the Circular Economy, Green Financing, and Waste Management, and Tax Justice.

Trade and Investment Advisory

Trade and Investment Advisory

We boast a broad understanding of key productive sectors including agriculture, intra-continental, and international trade, and the critical nexus with technology.

Our trade and investment advisory services connect international investors and large-footprint industry associations with local policy makers, while providing cutting-edge market -information, and legal advisory services for investments in Africa, and expansion of market opportunities globally.

Our Impact

Our Impact

Over the past decade, we’ve left an inerasable mark on policy and investment decisions worldwide, we take pride in our contributions to states, intergovernmental organizations, businesses, and numerous countries across Africa and Asia. Our advisory insights have steered the pathways of the African Union, the European Union, the G8, G20, the World Bank, the UN, and more.


What We Offer

Our commitment to your success drives us to offer unparalleled consultancy services. We facilitate connections with policymakers and industry leaders while fostering engagement with citizen groups for
comprehensive policy and business decisions.

Why Choose Multitrack

  • Global Perspective, Local Understanding:
    Our international team brings a wealth of global perspectives, while maintaining a deep understanding of local contexts. This allows us to craft strategies that transcend boundaries while being rooted in the realities of your region.
  • Tailored Strategies:
    We recognize that one size does not fit all. Our strategies are bespoke developed to suit your unique challenges, opportunities, and goals.
  • Proven Track Record:
    Multitrack consultants are recognized experts in their respective fields. Our portfolio boasts successful collaborations that have driven tangible change across various sectors.
  • Holistic Approach:
    Our ability to bridge gaps between stakeholders – from policymakers to
    citizens – sets us apart. We ensure that your policies are comprehensive, impactful, and embraced by all relevant parties.