ACS23 Multitrack Attendance Schedule

Scaling High Impact Climate Finance in Africa

This event focuses on strategies to increase climate finance in Africa, supporting initiatives that mitigate the effects of climate change and promote sustainable development across the continent.

Africa’s Minerals, Manufacturing, and Trade Potential

This event explores Africa’s untapped potential in minerals, manufacturing, and trade, discussing opportunities for economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development through these sectors.

Carbon Markets for the Global South

This event delves into the development of carbon markets in the Global South, emphasizing their role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving climate goals.

Mobilizing Public and Private Capital for Climate

This event seeks to mobilize both public and private capital to finance climate-related projects, highlighting the importance of partnerships in addressing climate change.

New Climate Finance Architecture

This event discusses innovative approaches and structures for climate finance to ensure it is effectively and efficiently allocated to support climate resilience and adaptation.

Advancing Africa’s Blue Economy

Focused on the sustainable use of marine resources, this event explores how Africa can harness its coastal and oceanic assets for economic growth while preserving these ecosystems.

Green Minerals and Manufacturing

This event addresses the green transformation of the minerals and manufacturing sectors, emphasizing sustainable practices and eco-friendly technologies.

Pioneering the Future of Nature in Africa (Action Hub)

This side event provides a platform for discussions, collaborations, and actions aimed at preserving and restoring Africa’s natural environment and biodiversity.

Unlocking Africa’s Sustainable Energy Potential: Challenges, Opportunities, and Innovation

This event examines the challenges and opportunities in Africa’s energy sector, focusing on sustainable and innovative approaches to meet the continent’s energy needs.

Building a Sustainable Future: Unlocking Africa’s Potential in the Construction Industry

Discussing sustainable construction practices, this event explores how Africa can develop its infrastructure while minimizing environmental impacts.

Inclusive Climate Adaptation Solutions: Shaping Action, Finance, and Policies for Youth

This event highlights the importance of involving youth in climate adaptation efforts, discussing policies, financing mechanisms, and actions that promote inclusivity and engagement among young people in addressing climate change.

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